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Colorado Springs Airport Implements New Ground Transportation Rules & Regulations


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.— The Colorado Springs Airport (COS) has implemented new ground transportation rules and regulations effective today, Dec 12, 2016. Over the past 6 months, COS has been working collaboratively with Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft to create an operating agreement that would authorize TNCs to provide ground transportation services from COS.

Currently, Lyft has executed an agreement with COS and has officially begun operating at the Airport. At this time, Uber has not executed an agreement with COS due to internal technology issues, but plans to have them resolved in the near future. Subsequently, Uber drivers are only authorized to drop off passengers at COS until those issues are resolved and an operating agreement has been executed.

COS is excited to offer our passengers additional ground transportation services with Lyft and look forward to continuing our collaboration with Uber.