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COS Airport Completes LED Lighting Retrofit


Colorado Springs, CO - The Colorado Springs Airport recently completed a project to retrofit the overhead lighting system for the airport’s aircraft parking apron where aircraft are parked, serviced and boarded.

In total, 81 high pressure 1000 watt sodium lamps were replaced with 56 LED 300 watt lights.  The airport maintenance staff monitored the lighting with input from the airlines and determined the lighting equaled or exceeded the illumination of the existing high pressure sodium lamps.

This LED retrofit project will reduce power costs for the Colorado Springs Airport by nearly $31,000.00 annually.  In addition, the airport is partnering with Colorado Springs Utilities through their energy saving business rebate program, which will reimburse the airport for much of the installation cost.

“In addition to being environmentally conscious, these projects provide another opportunity for us to reduce our overall operating costs at the Colorado Springs Airport,” said Greg Phillips, Director of Aviation.  “We can pass the savings onto the airlines, which contributes in helping us build and sustain air service levels.”    


Image of the new LED ramp lighting at COS